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David N. Miller



David Miller is a driven individual in the area of Information Technology. He has extensive experience, including many areas of technology, ranging from the hands on circuit board repair to the management of high-end production servers and WANs.

David currently is the Systems Administrator for Low Voltage Contractors.  He previously served as Systems / Network Administrator of Printcafe.  David has the dedication and commitment to an organization proven by his 9 years of employment at Printcafe.

David holds a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering from the University of Minnesota - Duluth.  He also studies Information Technology related areas, keeping his knowledge current with the latest technology.

"Our system ran like a finely tuned, high performance automobile under Dave’s care, which I as an end user always appreciated.  I am a salesperson so it is imperative that I have a system and tools that are efficient.  David enabled me with the systems and tools that I needed to do my job.  He would be a fine asset to your company." - Sales Associate