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David N. Miller


Qualification Highlights

Over my career, I have had the opportunity to gain experience in many of today's key areas. Each area brings unique challenges, and I have learned to master and apply skills in each of them to help my end-users focus on their duties.  Below is a list of some of the focus areas which I can apply my skills in order to help your organization.

Information Technology
Systems Architecture
Project Management
Internet Technologies
Network Management
Systems / Network / Infrastructure Security
Desktop Systems
Database Management
Software Installation
Microsoft / Novell / SCO Unix / IBM AIX

"Dave’s work ethic, quality of work, and impressive skill set made him a logical addition to the IT department.  He is motivated by any challenge – particularly any challenge to find a better way to do something. David simplified many IT processes through automation and standardization, thus simplifying the end-user experience. If there was something David did not understand, he would take the time to become an “expert” on whatever it was he was doing. Dave’s resourcefulness and dedication guaranteed the successful completion of every project in which David was involved."   - Systems Administrator